A project inspired by the destructive tendency of the human being, in which its central piece is a musical short film.

July 2015

About the project

About the project

Humanity is at the brink of extinction, and death walks around collecting the life of the remaining survivors. When it gets to the last human who is not aware that she’s standing right behind him- thinks about the past and how we humans could have avoided such fate, so he writes down a letter as if he could send it back on time, and as he agonizes, Death shows herself and he begs for her to help him avoid this horrible outcome, as she mercifully agrees, he succumbs to his injuries.

The second part is when Death goes back in time and tries to deliver this message to different persons who represent modern archetypes, that ignore Death’s presence. Until we see an individual who finally sees Death and opens the letter. She is then transported to a dream scene where she sees two masked beings who represent Cause and Consequence, they both show her one of the main reasons of human demise: being distracted by non important things.

She sees her hands covered in blood, followed by the two beings removing their masks revealing to be only reflexions of herself. Then she understands that in order to prevent extinction we must take action, saving rather than wasting, to do and not just talk, to value life and put down our virtual world (smartphones, social media, etc.), to look after our home and save our world.

The song is an original piece written by Belén Membreño, composed and performed by: Belén Membreño, Freddy Hernández (co Composer, Guitars) and Francisco ‘Pancho’ Cedeño (Co composer, producer, Keyboards, bass, drums and synths.).

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