Le Bon Citoyen

Le Bon Citoyen is a nonprofit organisation that offers many services for the community of Trois-Rivières. Their services go from Food distribution to a second hand store, online store and a lot more.

Since August 2019, I have been in charge of their website, online store, multimedia and visual projects.

*Their website is in french!

Graphic design



Retrospective 2020


A side project of Le Bon Citoyen, to sell used books online at a very good rate, to help finance their mission of serving the community of Trois-Rivières.

The illustration and the brand were designed by me, as well as their websites.

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Marketing campaigns

Detective Despins

A little campaign was prepared to tell customers that there would be a sale in stores and online, images were shared every day of a week with different hints.

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More on this project soon!