Adrian Frutiger

This is one of those arts that I absolutely love, not only because I made it but because is the first art I ever made based on typography or a typographer, in this case is about Adrian Frutiger’s Avenir Font.

I must say that Frutiger is such a genius, he made pretty cool fonts such as UNIVERS, FRUTIGER, AVENIR, SERIFA, etc.  that I personally love due to its simplicity.

In brief, Frutiger was born on May 24, 1928 in Switzerland, he wanted to be a sculptor but his father instead encouraged him on printing so he started to do so… His love for sculpture can be seen on his work.

Avenir was made on 1988, it follows some geometrical rules, sans serif and means “future” in french.

So this is it :)




As a designer it is important to always improve your work, therefore I decided to redistribute the composition since it was cluttered and unbalanced, therefore it has been translated to English and proportionally distributed.


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