Northern mythology

A project inspired by northern mythology where the different characters represented the hero, the vilain, the mentor and a victim.

October, 2012

The hero: Violeta the fairy

As Hette Spectrum instructed her, she must defend all those who wander around the forrest from the dark elf queen, by guiding them in thee right path and preventing the mythological creatures to remain hidden from the human world.

The vilain: The dark elf queen

Beauty beyond mesure, with her most luscious voice and looks, she drags her strong and beautiful victims to take their lives to maintain both her beauty and power.

Once a kind fairy, who perished long ago, guides her descendant Violeta, to fulfill her unfinished mission to guide the forrest wanderers back to their homes to prevent the dark elf queen to strengthen her power.

The mentor: Hette Spectrum (Hooded Spectrum)

The victim: The viking warrior

The usual hero of other tales, this warrior becomes an easy target for an unknown dark force that lies within the forrest. Not aware of all the magic and darkness that exists, walks very often through the forrest to go to his family.