A trip through my old logos

Let’s begin with my real -the not embarrassing attempts that I had made before- first personal brand, one that I found was a nice synthesis of a synthesis. The face of a rabbit, my nickname and pastel pink.

Some years later, I realized how childish this image was and how I really wanted to be taken more serious y everyone, so I tried merging with an edgier image that sadly was willed with insecurities that were very notorious. (I said no embarrassing attempts would be shown, yet here we are…). My idea was to take a symbol and make it my own, and I chose the fleur de lys.

The colours were purple and yellow, inspired by my falling in love with the beautiful New Orleans.

Both my last names begin with M, so somewhere along my drafting process I merged the fleur de lys with the shape of a crowned M. A very talented friend of mine, helped me with the final touches.

It was a very nice design that pretty much described me and made me feel identified. But as life happens, many extreme changes and pre-2020, bad things tagged along, I could no longer feel as bubbly as before.

Which led me to a major rebranding. No more fluffy pastels nor distracting isotypes, I needed a shape that wouldn’t be hard to place in different places.

This is what I identify myself today. What would that be later on? We shall see.