Revelatio was my graduation project, which is basically a multimedia project inspired by the human tendency to destroy.

This video, shortfilm or whatever you wanna call it, is divided by 2 parts, the first one is based on a post apocalyptic future where humanity is on the brink of extinction, death, represented as a person, rips life out of the remaining survivors and when she gets to the last human she feels pity towards him, and he -not aware that she’s standing right behind him- thinks about the past and how we humans could have  avoided such fate, so he writes down a letter as if he could send it back on time, and then is thrown to the ground when an explosion near by happens.

He is then seen all injured and covered in blood and just when he is agonizing, Death shows herself and he begs for her to help him avoid this horrible future and she mercifully agrees, and is then when he dies.

The second part is a music video of a song written and performed by myself with the aid of 2 great musicians, and it starts when Death goes back to the pass and tries to share the message that the last human sent, she goes first to a young girl that represents today’s youth who only cares about her superficial life and how pretty she looks, therefor ignoring Death who moves on to someone else, another woman that seems to be an “eco-hippie”person but just does it as a show off since she herself is a hypocrite.

Death continues her journey and finds herself with a military man, who doesn’t really pay attention to her and plans some sort of combat strategy, Death feels disgusted at him and moves on to another woman who represents high society or socialites who make charity funds but ultimately keeps the money for herself. Death infuriates even more and continues and finds the last man from the past who briefly feels her passing by but death keeps walking to the woman who sits next to him, who is in fact able to  see Death and receives the letter, and when she opens it she gets into a dream/epiphany.

As she represents humanity by first walking but nearly falling when she’s standing on the edge of  a cliff, she with two masked beings who are also wearing cloaks, on of them shows/offers her pleasures and richness, but the other one shows her the fate that once was and where humanity is heading to, extinction. So she horrifies  when she sees her hands covered in blood, and as she falls down to her knees both beings remove their masks to reveal her that they are her and she is only standing against her own reflection.  And then she sees the beauty of life and how we can make a change, by only dropping our cellphones and not caring about the “virtual world” (the social media persona we create and aspire to become) and actually living, recycling, sharing real moments with real human friends, and stopping wars, lust, treason and contamination.

So, now I’ve explained my project and down below there is a link to my project blog, to the video on youtube, the song on soundcloud.

This is the brand and a poster.

LOGO Revelatio2-03 





The song is in Spanish since that is my first language…

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